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  1. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming wedding. We look forward to capturing
    all the grandeur of your day in a natural, spontaneous and fun way! Pre-planning helps insure the
    least amount of stress on your wedding day. We want to make sure you get to do what YOU
    want on your wedding day. “Your day …Your way!”
    Posing for pictures on your wedding day may be an important part of your family’s tradition or
    may be an activity you would rather avoid. The enclosed paperwork is designed to help
    communicate to us exactly what you require in regards to wedding-day photography. Please be
    sure to discuss and share this information with your parents also as they may have unique
    photography expectations that should be addressed beforehand.
    Please fill out this paperwork and return to us prior to your wedding date. This pre-organizational
    plan will help insure that your day goes your way! Much of this paperwork may not apply to you
    if we aren’t doing ‘posed’ pictures, at least return the initial survey form. Let us know if you have
    any questions, concerns or special requests.
    Please note: We really take seriously our role as an ‘outside observer’ unobtrusively
    documenting what is really going on, so we won’t be doing a lot of directing or interrupting
    except during formal group shots. If after the wedding you say, “We never got a picture of my
    Aunt & Uncle looking at the camera and smiling while on the dance floor” our answer will be
    “your Aunt & Uncle never looked at the camera and smiled for the photographer while they were
    on the dance floor!”
    We are here for you and want to be sure you get everything you want! It is YOUR wedding day
    and YOU are in-charge of it, if you think we should get pictures “in front of the building” or
    more pictures “by the water” you will have to tell us that AT YOUR EVENT while we still have
    time to do something about it, not several months later. After the ‘group shots’ we will ask you if
    we got everything you needed, please don’t be shy about telling us what else you need or what
    may have been missed. If you want ‘pictures with props’ you need to bring those props and make
    them available so we are certain to get the pictures you want with them.

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