wedding photography styles

Wedding Photography Styles.

Vintage Vs Traditional.

There are many Wedding Photography Styles. This is a very old set of images from when I first started and I hope my photography has improved significantly since then.

I think this is old enough to be classed as dated now. that’s why I thought it was a good time to pose this question.

I had a bit of a play with this album and edited it in two ways. partly for practice but I also thought it might be interesting for you to see.

I generally keep my editing clean and simple. I want my wedding photography to be timeless so I normally avoid the latest “creative fads’. I’d lie you to look back on your wedding album in ten years and still love every shot. I don’t want my images to be seen in the same way as the mullet.

Here are two sets of the same images, the first traditional and the second with a vintage colour effect.

I love that we live in a world where everybody has a different view and different tastes, so give me your feedback. is it good to have your wedding pictures timeless or should they reflect the moment and current fashions?

2 Wedding Photography Styles.

So, what do you think? keep it timeless or play with the latest fads? One one hand if you want to be successful you need to stand out. Being the same as everybody else will never have you stand out.

If you want to be seen you have to be different. I have been over this concept many many times over the years and I always come back to wanting my images to be timeless. I have to stand out another way I guess and find my own wedding photography Styles.

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