Wedding Photography Portfolio

Wedding Photography Portfolio.

A little collection of my work. My Wedding Photography Portfolio. I hope you love them as much as I do.

It has been tough keeping this page under control. If I add all the photographs I want to add it loads very slowly.  That’s not good for you sat watching a screen do nothing while all the pictures slowly appear. I love every one of my images so it is a constant battle between adding new pictures while trying to keep hold of the old ones and keeping the page size small enough to load before we all grow old!

Wedding Portfolio Gallery.

I hope you loved my little wedding photography portfolio, you can look through some individual wedding galleries but be warned they take a little while to load, I am working on that but for now please be patient.

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Wedding Photographer.

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  1. For my Wedding Photography portfolio, I’m hoping you will join in me on a journey through my style of wedding photography.

    Throughout the rest of this page you will see many of my recent favourite wedding photography images and at times, I’ll take time out to explain the back story or why I particularly love that particular wedding photograph.

    There maybe some surprises on the way and who knows, maybe a tear or two.

    Wedding Photography: It’s all about people….being people.
    For me, wedding photography is about humanity and simply put, people, being people. Of course, it’s about the love between the couple, but it’s also much more than that.

    Contextually, there is so much happening at a wedding. “Love is all around”, someone said once, and I truly believe that – at least “moments are all around”. As a wedding photographer, it is my responsibility to capture those moments….I like to call it “curating memories”.
    It is not my responsibility to make moments happen, it’s simply my responsibility to photograph them.
    I don’t want my clients overriding memory of their wedding spending hours with the photographer. I want my client’s overriding memory of their wedding spending all their time with their friends and family.

    People, being people… weddings. This is something I’m really quite passionate about.

    I’m sure we’ve all been to weddings where the photographer has spent hours with the bride and groom to the point that the guests don’t actually get to spend any time with the newlyweds. My take on wedding photography is very different from the “traditional” style.

    I like to think that my clients actually hire me for my eye, for my observation technique to a certain extent, rather than as a “camera operator”. Of course, it helps to understand aperture and all the technical elements. Back in 2012 I was the first official Fujifilm X-Photographer in the Wedding Photography arean and have spent time all over the world giving talks and workshops on the documentary style of wedding photography.

    My job, really, is to observe and preserve
    My job as a wedding photographer is to observe the events unfolding. I don’t want to intervene or contrive anything. Sadly, I won’t turn up to your wedding dressed like a ninja with step ladders and six cameras around my neck – rather, I’ll turn up looking just like all your other guests, and behave like them too.
    I hope that while you look through the images on this page, and indeed the rest of my website, you’ll get a sense of what I look for when I’m shooting a wedding.

    It’s impossible to complete define the way I shoot, but if I had to explain what I look for constantly it would come down to:

    I like to think that images can be made in split seconds. By that, I don’t mean “staged”, I mean a situation where a relatively normal moment is unfolding can be made into a very powerful image just by the shift of the eyes, or a little touch of the fingertips, a knowing wink or a smile.

    Those little elements all come together to make a compelling wedding photograph. And often, nobody else even knows these events have occurred.

    Before the wedding…
    I find Bridal Prep photography helps complete the overall picture of the day and whilst not every bride will want it, it can yield some beautiful pictures that will capture memories from this time of the day.

    You’ll see on my notes about Documentary Wedding Photography why I think every story should have a start, middle and an end but off course, some brides don’t necessarily relish being photographed during the preparation stage of the day, and that’s fine (I’d say about 30% of my brides choose not to) – the story, through pictures, just starts a little later in the day.

    The images above show a different kind of Bridal prep photography. They are not staged, or prompted at all. At no point have I, as the photographer, had any input in these images.

    In the second image the bride quietly goes about applying her own make-up in the first image and its my job not to interfere with this moment, but still capture it. Later in the morning, as the bride fixes her dress, her father gazes out of the window wondering about the weather perhaps? And the family dog and the brides sister (who was a bridesmaid) joining the scene was my cue to click the button as the picture made itself.
    The Wedding Ceremony and the excitement that surrounds it.
    I like to shoot around the wedding ceremony, making the ceremony the central part of it’s own mini-story within the story of the day itself.

    Once again, I have no intervention here and I like to start shooting the story as guests arrive, as grooms look on nervously, as kids misbehave, as the bride walks down the aisle and back up again with her new husband and then, the hustle and bustle of the hugs and the congratulations that naturally occur immediately after the wedding.

    Basic Happiness….emotion….people, being people.
    This following image is a huge favourite of mine. Perhaps, even, my favourite image I’ve shot at a wedding over the last few years.

    Why? It’s not technically perfect, that’s for sure. However, for me, it just really emphasises what documentary wedding photography is all about. There is a huge amount of happiness, emotion, love, tenderness…..all of that, in this picture.

    It’s a bit grainy, but you know what, I’d love a photograph like this of me and my wife when we are at that stage of life. I’d love to have an image like this of my own parents even.

    Throughout this site you will see some full weddings and extended highlights (I call them Photofilms).
    Here is Faye and Chris’s wedding at The Rosevine, 2014.

    Black and White Wedding Photography
    One of the questions I get asked a lot is; how much of your work is black and white? The answer is, on average, around 60-70% of a wedding is shot for black and white.

    If colour is the prime feature of the image, then of course it will remain in colour.

    If you like those last three images above, you might be interested in the full Hampton Court House Wedding Photography blog post that shows the whole wedding.

    Alternatively, just press play (remember to go full screen and turn the sound up) on the Photofilm below:

    Also, check out my notes about Documentary Wedding Photography
    There you will see more images and Photofilms and I explain in more detail how I work on the day, and what I will aim to achieve for you at your wedding.

  2. 20 Wedding Photographers with Exceptional Portfolios.

    Whether you’re planning a wedding or planning to photograph one, these 20 wedding photography portfolios are full of ideas.

    Whether you’re planning a wedding or planning to photograph one, these 20 wedding photography portfolios are full of ideas.
    Build your professional portfolio website in minutes. Start your free 14-day trial today, no credit card required.

    Ready to get into a lovey dovey mood? We found the 20 best wedding photographers with portfolios that showcase exceptional talent and capture the true spirit of each couple’s big day.

    As all these photographers know, an online portfolio tells prospective clients who you are and what you do. Something as simple as the layout of your portfolio site or the images you choose can determine whether or not someone gets interested in your work and decides to keep browsing.

    A professional logo, easy-to-navigate Format portfolio, and beautifully curated photos can really make your work shine online.

    These 20 wedding photography portfolios have all been designed with care and attention to detail. They show off wedding photos that range from classic and elegant to creative and silly. In the wedding photography business, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and these portfolios are definitely in a league of their own.

    Kenzie Kate describes her work as “contextual and photojournalistic in approach.” Her choice of a horizontal scroll against a crisp white background lets her unique, up-close wedding photography speak for itself.

    New York-based Matthew Ree’s delicate, precisely focused photos lend a fairytale feeling to the weddings he captures. His floating sidebar menu stands out with a simple yet classic logo.

    German wedding photographer Toni Hasselmann fills up the entire screen with his lively, richly coloured photos. It truly showcases his talent in a single scroll.

    Tanja Lippert uses thumbnail photos to show off different locations and categories of her wedding photography: headings like “Candids,” “Details,” and “Published” make it easy to explore her work. The choice of pale brown text plays up the muted colour scheme typical of her intimate photo style.

    Lucy Birkhead’s polished wedding photos stand out on an almost totally text-free page. A footer with her email address makes contact info clear, and a link to her blog page offers a chance to see more personal work.

    Australian photographer Elise Hassey has a diverse wedding portfolio. A “Featured” link shows off her work for publications like Vogue Brides by displaying the magazine spreads, giving potential clients a chance to see how her work looks in print.

    Based in Nashville and Brooklyn, Khaki Bedford loves photographing “quirky, non-traditional” weddings. She uses Format’s Foray theme to showcase her playfully composed wedding shots one at a time.

    New Zealand-based husband and wife team Benjamin and Elise pay attention to colour when organizing their wedding photography: shades of green, blue, and red dominate their horizontally-scrolling portfolio. An “About Us” page with a heartfelt bio adds a personal touch.

    Kate Weinstein draws attention to the artful composition of her wedding shots by showcasing landscape and architecture shots alongside wedding party images in her portfolio. She uses Format’s Blog feature to highlight recent wedding shoots.

    New York-based Jenny Fu keeps things professional by making her logo the focus of her homepage. A grid-based portfolio lets her carefully curate the order you view her photos in: detail shots of jewelry and flowers alternate with portraits to maintain a sense of variety and texture.

    Caroline Yoon keeps her portfolio classic and easy-to-view by limiting her landing page to just fourteen images. Her simple menu also matches the minimalism of her unique, contemporary wedding photos.

    James Anderson captures the location of the weddings he documents just as carefully as the event itself. His portfolio is divided not only into weddings and other work, but also categorizes weddings by city.

    French photographer Nathalie Champagne uses Format’s Peak theme to show off the variety in her wedding photos. Pages for information and client testimonials are carefully formatted for easy reading and a chance to display more of her photo work.

    Rachel Goble shows off an eye for fashion in her wedding photos: they’re all about small details and textures. She uses the Horizon theme to showcase a wide variety of different weddings on her homepage via a simple horizontal scroll.

    Canadian husband and wife Juan and Angie create photos that focus on capturing the personalities of clients on their wedding days. A creative logo image adds professionalism to their portfolio.

    Parker Young uses Format’s Panorama theme to showcase his extensive experience photographing weddings across the US and elsewhere. A detailed menu with lots of dropdown options divides his work into clear categories.

    California-based wedding photographer Kelly Paulson’s fun, high-colour images pop in her grid-based layout. Her sidebar menu makes links to important info like client pricing and FAQ easily accessible without distracting from her photography.

    Edinburgh photographer Lianne Mackay uses Format’s Sierra theme to display her wedding shots in an easy-to-view vertical scroll, while keeping her header menu handy at the top of every page. She includes a short note about each shoot with her photos, adding character and background to her work.

    UK-based Andrew Brown admits to owning “far too many cameras” on his About page, which also includes links to his other photography ventures. Creating separate portfolio pages for different work keeps things organized, letting his wedding photography shine on its own.

    Emma Watson shows that sometimes simple is best with her clean, basic portfolio. The Sweden-based photographer’s wedding shots are neatly arranged in a grid, while a text-free horizontal scroll lets you browse images easily.

  3. Are you looking for some inspiration for your wedding photography portfolio? Looking at the work of other wedding photographers can give you some great ideas for your own work. In this article, we will share 11 best wedding photography portfolios for inspiration.

    11 Best Wedding Photography Portfolios for Inspiration

    1. Matthew Ree

    Matthew Ree is an expert photographer specializing in lifestyle portraits and weddings. His work has been featured in magazines and media all over the world, including The Knot, New York Magazine and others.

    His website features a massive portfolio of his wedding photos, displayed in a simple carousel slider. Matthew is a master at color, lighting, and posing.

    2. Lucy Birkhead Photography

    Lucy Birkhead is a UK based wedding photographer. She’s an amazing story-teller, and writes captivating blog posts that describe the stories behind her wedding photos.

    Lucy’s portfolio includes an image slider with some of her featured shots. She loves to capture candid moments, which makes her work unique.

    3. Lisse Wedding Photography

    Lisse Wedding Photography is a masterpiece by photographer Elise Hassey, based in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Elise’s wedding photos have a dramatic and organic style. Her photos are also an outstanding example of the use of black and white.

    You can find her work in top Australian magazines like Vogue Brides, Bazaar Brides, Bride to Be, and more. Elise’s website is simple and sleek with a moving slider that displays some of her best shots.

    4. Kate Weinstein

    Kate Weinstein’s portfolio displays her beautiful photography in an attractive carousel slider. Once you click in to her wedding photos, she uses a captioned photo gallery to display each of her wedding albums.

    5. James Anderson

    James Anderson is a wedding photographer who really brings out the beauty in small, ordinary moments. His clients love his laid back, easy-going attitude towards wedding photography.

    When the couple really enjoys working with you, you’ll have their endorsement for a lifetime. James believes in this approach, and develops a great rapport with his clients.

    6. Nathalie Champagne Photographies

    Nathalie Champagne is a French photographer with an impressive website with a thumbnail photo gallery on the right side and large photos in the center of the front page.

    You will find that she has a happy personality, which shows through lots of laughter and joy in her photos.

    7. The Jar Photography

    The Jar Photography is the website of Juan and Angie who are wedding photographers in Calgary. This duo focuses on the unique personalities of their clients to capture the intense beauty of the couple.

    Their portfolio features a bold hero image up top with an image gallery beneath that gives you a sneak peek in to their password protected photo albums. These albums can only be viewed if you have a client log in.

    8. Wild Whim Photography

    Kelly Paulson is the photographer behind Wild Whim Photography. Her use of color make her photos really stand out.

    Her portfolio is very simple, with a masonry layout which uses lightboxes to view each photo up close. She also shares about her wedding photography workshops on her website.

    9. Lianne Mackay Photography

    Lianne Mackay is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh. Her photos are a great inspiration to many new photographers.

    She displays her wedding photos with large thumbnails on the frontpage of her portfolio. Once you click in to a photo, you’ll go to the blog post for that shot where Lianne has recorded the backstory for that shoot. To create an image gallery just like this for your blog posts, you may want to check out our guide on how to create a featured content gallery.

    10. Travers & Brown

    Travers & Brown is a UK based wedding photography venture owned by Andrew Brown. Andrew has a lot of experience shooting weddings, and it really shows in the way he poses his couples.

    His portfolio features a large image slider. To create a similar slider for your WordPress portfolio, you may want to check out the Soliloquy Image Slider plugin.

    11. Emma Watson Photography

    Emma Watson has another amazing wedding photography portfolio that you should check out.

    You will find her photo albums on the front page of her website, organized by the couple’s name. To create a portfolio like Emma’s, check out our guide on how to create a photo album in WordPress.

    That’s it! We hope this article has helped you to find the 11 best wedding photography portfolios for inspiration.

    Before you build your portfolio, you’ll need to create your own photography website. To learn how, check out our comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to create a photography website in WordPress.

    Whether you’re looking for a change in career, a hobbyist seeking to improve, or a professional wanting to set themselves apart from the pack, our training courses are designed with you in mind.
    Our portrait and wedding photography courses range from 1 to 3 days and cover the must-have skills for today’s modern photographers. From understanding the fundamentals to mastering more advanced techniques, our training will help you make the progress you’re striving for.
    For those looking for a total change in career, our Academy programme is just the ticket. Over the course of 12 months we’ll teach you the essentials of becoming a portrait and wedding photographer, culminating in helping you launch your business – a true launchpad for a great career in wedding and portrait photography.
    Over the last 10 years we’ve built a strong reputation and pride ourselves on the quality of our professional trainers, the content and structure of our courses and our natural relaxed learning style.

    £650 + VAT | 3 DAYS

    Our inspiring wedding workshop is for those wanting to super charge their wedding photography. Highlights include two wedding shoots at amazing locations, advanced digital editing training and a marketing and business masterclass.

    Best described as a total eduction in modern wedding photography, this course will teach you all the different skills today’s wedding photographer requires.
    The 3 day course is a blend of hands-on shooting, classroom theory, editing techniques and business tips to get your photography thriving. The time spent in the classroom is focussed on theory such as how to approach the wedding day, the best equipment to use, different shooting styles, albums & framing, marketing yourself and what todays clients want.
    You will take part in two excellent half-day shoots with several professional bride and groom models at various locations including a church and some stunning reception venues. The locations are chosen for their striking backdrops that help create amazing images for you to use in your portfolio. Throughout the day our trainers will be guiding you on all aspects of lighting, posing and composition, and the shoot groups are kept nice and small to ensure you get the most from the day.
    Our final day is split between teaching you an excellent digital editing workflow for weddings, and giving you all the business knowhow in marketing and selling your services.
    You’ll complete this well-rounded wedding photography course with the knowledge and confidence to build a good career, shooting and editing techniques to help you make your work shine, and the enthusiasm and contacts to make it happen.

    £295 + VAT | 1 DAY

    For those wanting to develop a truly stunning portfolio of wedding images. An immersive day shooting bride and groom models across incredible locations, whilst learning invaluable shooting techniques.

    This course solves that age old conundrum, you can’t get work without a great portfolio, but you can’t get a great portfolio without work.
    Our 1 day Portfolio Builder does just that, helps you build a stunning portfolio giving you and your clients the confidence in your work. A day of shooting and learning as we lay on lots of bride and groom models at some of the UK’s best wedding venues, giving you an enviable collection of images to showcase.
    Each shoot has 6 professional models so that you can get a wide range of wedding images. With private use of a beautiful local riverside church, and two high-end wedding reception venues you’re able to shoot both inside and out. We limit the group size to 2 groups of 7 on this course in order to ensure you have lots of shooting time, you don’t feel cramped or rushed and you get the attention you need from the tutors.
    You’ll leave this course with a portfolio to be proud of and a wealth of skills and tips from our trainers.

    £275 + VAT | 1 DAY

    Learn how to shoot amazing winter wedding images using available light and off-camera flash. Part theory, part working with a bride and groom on location you’ll learn how to overcome the challenges that winter weddings bring.

    Taught by renowned wedding photographer Mike Garrard, during this specialist course he will explain how you can prepare for winter weddings, what equipment he takes and why, and most importantly how to use that equipment to maximum effect.
    The afternoon shoot session is held at Hedsor House where you will practice indoor portraits using both continuous lights and off-camera flash. During the shoot Mike will demonstrate various lighting accessories such as grids, speed light soft boxes and video lights. After the shoot you’ll head back to the studio to further explore how images can be enhanced using post-production editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom.
    It does not matter whether you shoot with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji or any other brand. We are teaching the fundamentals of off-camera lighting which can be applied to any system. In order to keep up the pace of the shoot and not lose time changing equipment, you will use Mike’s camera and flash system with your own memory cards (you get to keep your shots). Of course, you are welcome to bring your own gear too and if required we will help you find any of the settings that match our set-up on the day.

  8. This Week we wanted to bring a list on 20 Best Wedding Photographers for your inspiration. The word Wedding Photography may sound easy than it actually is, there are people who has taken up this profession with a heartful of passion for it. Most of the times it must be tiring, hard to convince your client and stuff, like in any other profession. But a wedding photographer is responsible for those precious moments in anyone’s life. The moments of happiness, departing, more emotions and real dramas. A Wedding Photographer strives hard to get them all captured and make those small unforgettable moments of the special day to travel with you all together.

    As always if you feel if you are someone very skilful needs to be featured in Part 2 kindly tell us in the comments section or mail us to [email protected]

    Chrisman Studios
    Exotic locations, surprise for anyone, scintillating mood with gorgeous couples. A group of 5 Photographers who are the best in everything they do.

    Pablo López Ortiz
    Amazing photograpy, those pictures are all dreamy, exactly like how one would dream of their wedding. Stunning!

    Alex Michele Photography
    Pleasing soft light with gorgeous bokeh would definitely be the mantra for any wedding photographer. Here Alex Michele doesn’t fail to impress us with their wonderful portfolio.

    Jeff Newsom
    Vibrant colors and unique compositions, Jeff Newsom photography is an visual treat for all of us. Jeff’s quote is, “I’m in Love with People In Love. I make science and call it Art.” Yes, he is.

    Angelica Glass
    Leave it to Angelica to make an ashtray sexy, that s what one fan has to comment about her, check it out for yourself! Professionalism Guaranteed!

    Laffler Photography
    Moments, moments and more moments. They are happy and that is what one has to photograph in wedding am i right? check Laffler’s Portfolio to figure it out!

    Amy + Tony Hoffer
    Fantastic scenarios where any of us would like to get photographed. Stunning visuals all over, this has been the specialty of Amy & Tony Hoffer.

    Susan Stripling
    Light and Composition adds more glamour to the couples and wonderful people in these Photographs. A Wonderful portfolio with tremendous photo skills and appeal.

    Sloan Photographers
    A Husband and Wife Matt + Angie from Orange Country, CA. In their portfolio you can feel the soul in each and every photograph. Unique framings and colors. Wow, Here you go.

    Turtle Pond Photography
    There’s more than pictures being taken here. There are Ideas being shared, opinions being sought and voice being heard. Amazing isn’t it. You will say WOW, after you check their portfolio.

    Happiness personified with wonderful truthful moments before his camera, Black and white pictures do enhance the mood of those wonderful moments all together.

    McClanahan Studio
    Ranging from Professional Wedding shoots to Senior Photo Shoots McClanhan Studio favors a wide range of options. Their Pictures are very versatile with great appeal to aesthetic sense.

    Ira Lippke Studios
    More of an established studio with a group of talented photographers. Has a great reach internationally with their style of wedding Photography.

    6 of Four
    Moments from Movies, speechless lighting and sensational composition with bride and groom making things even better.

    Twin Lens
    A Fantastic Fine Art approach to the Wedding Photography. Engages the viewer into the scene with excellent balance of light, character and composition!

    Anna Kuperberg
    Silence with a great mood of Happiness, as simple as that. They definitely have captured more hearts than beautiful bokeh or lighting.

    Brian Dorsey Studios
    Fun to get shot with, The American Photo Magazine has named them the One of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, need more proof, their pictures are more than that.

    Adam Alex
    Super Special there is no drama here, no stage set, yet the mood they are able to achieve in their pictures are phenomenal, nothing likes others, and it should be called the Wedding Documentary.

    Max Wanger
    The Special Photographer to shoot intimacy, with fantastic lighting and picture perfect composition. Those Breathtaking locations would want anybody to get shot.

    Chris + Lynn
    A Cinematic style of work. More Brilliance, more professionalism with a great touch of attitude. Her you go Chris + Lynn = Vision.

  9. Here at Artsake photography. We cater for all your photographic needs. From a full wedding to an informal portrait. We are people photographers and have won National awards for our work. In the last 3 years we have won over 30 national awards. Our approach to our work and our after sales service separates us from our competitors. High quality wedding photography for £595.00

    We are about giving you high quality images at affordable prices. We issue you with a print licence, leaving you free to get your album, prints or canvases made by yourself at a fraction of the cost Photographers charge. We supply a high-resolution memory stick of your images for all the work we do. It leaves you free to make whatever you wish at the best possible price. We can recommend suppliers to you, or you can find yourself be surfing the net.

    Please look at all our pages on this website you will find many examples of our work.

    2014-2015. Peter takes 4th place in the Guild Of Photographers, Wedding Photographer of year competition. He was also awarded the Photographers Bar. The only wedding photographer in East Anglia to hold such a high award. Here is what The Guild of Photographers say about winning the Photographers Bar.


    Becoming a member of the Photographer’s Bar is a unique distinction awarded to those photographers who have successfully had images assessed by the Guild over the course of a year, and attained a score equating to a point for each entry made, thereby evidencing an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency – a distinction that is very difficult to achieve!

  10. Documentary Wedding Photography
    My style is a mix of completely natural documentary photography throughout the day with some creative portraits of the bride and groom and fun, relaxed group shots.
    Quite simply, documentary photography for me is about telling a story. The story of your most special day from start to finish, with no awkward posing or interruption just pure real moments from the day. People say that you will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory and I truly believe that I help to preserve those memories by capturing each moment as it happens. Real moments, become real memories.

    The photo below is one of my personal favourites from Lauren and Jordan’s wedding in Leicester, it was completely natural and I had no part in setting up this image. I was mingling with guests and as I turned round they were both outside smiling and laughing which caught my attention for a moment, as another member of the wedding party opened the door to come inside and the door was slowly closing, they kissed and I captured the shot.

    Wedding photography is much more than just taking photographs. It’s about observing the surroundings, anticipating whats going to happen and reacting quickly to capture that perfect moment.
    The Creative Part…

    You’ve probably seen repeatedly on my website the term “creative” used. Obviously when shooting in a documentary way, nothing is staged and I don’t interfere with moments as they happen BUT I still find I can be creative and shoot in my own way by using the light that is available and finding angles and viewpoints that make the most of subject I am photographing.
    Creative Portraits – When it comes to the shot’s of the bride and groom together, I take just a very brief period away from the rest of the the guests for some beautiful, unique portraits. Usually a short walk around the grounds of your venue is ideal, my approach is still very relaxed and you won’t be asked to pose awkwardly.
    So there it is… True documentary photography with some creative portraits of the bride and groom, it’s the perfect combination of story telling and natural but stunning portraiture.

    Natural Storytelling throughout the day
    Very little or no posing
    A complete story of the day created in images
    Absolutely no cheesy photo’s!

    I hope this page has given you a better insight into how I work and what my creative vision is. If you like the idea of having your wedding captured to create a story of images then please get in touch, I would love to meet with you and discuss your wedding details in person.
    I offer a complimentary consultation with absolutely no pressure to book.
    I believe all couples should be 100% happy with there choice of photographer! It’s a great idea to have a browse through my website if you haven’t already so you can get a feel of my work. If you like what you see and want to chat some more, get in touch!

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