Trading Places

Trading Places!

Not Behind the Camera.

"Trading places" - A personal project.

This always a quiet time of the year for me so it is ideal to do some of the things I just don’t have time for during wedding season.

In any profession I think there are two simple things you should do from time to time. 

The first is to play with some personal projects related to your day to day work but something just for fun. I do these regularly and have even set up other websites social media accounts to put some of these. I might include a link later for some. 

The second is to put yourself in your clients position. This could mean hiring somebody to do your job and you be the client and see how you get on during the consultation process or booking. In this case I just skipped to the photoshoot.

I have photographed Jackeline many times, so I set up the camera in each location and handed it to her.

Our “Trading Places”. Model terns photographer and photographer becomes model.

An interesting experience for us both and at least two things show from this.

  1. Jackeline shows potential and is very capable with the camera (I may have found a good second shooter).
  2. I know I will never be a model, no amount of training will fix that.

The Photoshoot.

We took a walk down by the ‘Rio Besos’ if your Spanish isn’t up to scratch that’s the ‘River Kisses’. A lovely and very popular walk in the area. It’s about a 30 minute walk along the river to the beach from here so one I’ve taken many times especially in the summer.

We had a few stops and picked a few different locations. It may be February but it was a beautiful evening and I struggled with the strong sunlight.

I tried my best Peter Hurley ‘sqinch’ but the pictures just turn out looking angry. I guess I need to practice that one.


The Gallery.

This was just a little fun so there are only a handful of pictures. But as I don’t not normally post pictures of myself there are probably enough.

I think I will get back on the right side of the camera for the next one.

Getting Married?

Of just want to see how much better I am behind the camera

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