Kate & Andy’s wedding day at Priston Mill.

Priston Mill Wedding photography

Wedding at Priston Mill

I started the wedding day at Priston Mill with the groom, Andy. His groomsmen looked after the guests as they waited for the bride. I loved the little details the couple had put together. The decorations, the beautiful cupcakes.  The pebbles used for name tags. The selection of sweets on cocktail sticks that had been made into table decorations. Continue reading “Kate & Andy’s wedding day at Priston Mill.”

Sunday Sunset in Portishead


Sunday Sunset in Portishead

I might throw one of these in every now and then just to break things up. It’s nothing wedding related, portrait, baby or any work, it’s just for fun. A photograph I’ve taken for myself.

This one is of the sun setting over south Wales, taken from Portishead in North Somerset looking across the Bristol Channel. Locals will recognize this spot, it was a favorite of mine when I lived there. A beautiful place to sit and watch the sun go down.