San Diego Wedding

San Diego Wedding.

This isn’t a new wedding but it’s one of my top 5. The images were lost from my website along with many other weddings when my site went down a few years ago. I’m using this time we have during lockdown to work on my website, my marketing, social media platforms and in this case, dig out some older weddings from my archive.

This wedding was in 2013 and was my first destination wedding. I travelled to San Diego, California. My son lives there so I have a base in Oceanside and I was able to combine this job with a visit with him.

This also meant that he could second shoot for me. It wasn’t something the couple had booked and it was my sons first time photographing a wedding so any images he took would be a bonus. I sent him over to where the boys were getting ready while I was with the bride and bridesmaids.

In the last 7 years, I’d like to think my photography has improved and looking through this album there are definitely some things I would have photographed differently but overall I love this and looking through these pictures still gives me a huge smile.

San Diego Wedding Gallery.

A Little About this Wedding.

I started the morning at the Hotel Del Coronado. A beautiful wedding venue, beach fronted hotel and an amazing historic building. Lots of opportunities for pretty pictures around the hotel and of course on the beach.
Once we finished there we were off to North Island naval base for the rest of the day’s festivities and fun.
A fantastic day and a lovely couple. I’ve really enjoyed looking through this wedding album and creating a new post to update the one that has been a placeholder for a while with a handful of this weddings images.

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