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Extra Wedding Photographs.

Somebody once told me that one pos the differences between an amateur photographer and a pro was that the pro sorted through their images before allowing them to go public.

There is some truth to that. Every image I post in the public forum opens me up to be judged. So if I’m not always putting my best foot forward (or my best images) then I can be judged as being less capable, less professional or less talented.

When a wedding photographer photographs your wedding the chances are you will be lucky to get a quarter or a third of the images he or she takes on the day.

There are many reasons for this. everybody takes a bad photograph from time to time. sometimes it’s my mistake, focal point off, misjudged exposure, not compensating quickly enough as the light changes or simply hitting the shutter at the wrong time, Dealing with low light and the dreaded ‘noise/grain’ that comes from that.

Sometimes you catch somebody at the wrong time, they blink, their expression changes, somebody walks in front of you as you click the shutter or there is a clothing malfunction that you didn’t notice.

So why so few make the cut.

Often because we take so many pictures during the day we end up with some very similar (these are often taken in case we get one or more of the above problems). So during the editing process, we will pick the one best shot of a group of similar images.

I have worked with enough professional photographers to know we all suffer from these problems on every shoot. Anybody who tells you they have the best shot every time they hit that shutter is lying. Think back to films where you would see a contact sheet of similar images and the editor would check them all through a loop to select the ones they wanted to use. That same principle of the film days has continued into the digital age. Or when a film is made, there are always many takes for each scene. The editor then splices together the best takes.

During an event like a wedding, I can’t shout cut and tell everybody to retake their starting positions to start reshooting because I didn’t get the shot I had in my mind. So we take more than we need and cull them in the edit.

Some films add the outtakes to the end of the film for a little light comedy but imagine watching a film and having to sit through the outtakes in every scene. the film wouldn’t flow and you’d constantly be distracted. Its the same with a wedding, as you go through the album it should flow you through the day without you being distracted by some bad shots.

All the pictures?

This is why when people ask if they will get all the images you will generally get the answer “you’ll get all the edited images” I don’t want anything in the public domain with my name on it that isn’t an image I am 100% happy with. On this occasion, I am taking a bit of a risk and including the images that normally wouldn’t have made the cut. I am doing this for a few reasons. Firstly despite their imperfections, I still really like these pictures. They are a part of the day’s story. When I photographed Ruth’s sister’s wedding 5 years ago I included some of the extra shots for here and although I believe my photography has improved a lot since then I still get it wrong sometimes. I wanted an excuse to write this post.

Some of these pictures wouldn’t have been included because

I wasn’t happy with the quality or the light.

Somebody was looking the wrong way.

A pose didn’t look natural.

I cropped somebody in the wrong place.

I had a better version of the same shot.

I took the picture a split second too early or late.

The person didn’t look like they were happy at that moment.

Pretty much all these faults are things I could and should control so showing them is showing my faults and failings. I don’t think any are terrible but they are not me “putting my best foot forward”.

Take a look at the published gallery here before looking at the extras and have in your mind how you perceived the wedding

The Extras Gallery.

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