st. Briavels wedding

Rose & Olies Wedding Day, St. Briavels

Rosemonde & Oliver were married at St. Mary’s Church St. Briavels and had their reception in the grounds of the stunning castle over the road. I was one of two wedding photographers and I spent some time with the groom and his best man as they prepared for the big day, they were both very chilled and relaxed as the best man sat on the bed writing his speech for that evening…. Their service was lovely as to be expected but things livened up a little once we left the church.

Rose & Ollie left the church to be greeted by the guard of honour in full ceremonial dress and swords aloft, the new couple walked through the military arch and were met with a hail of confetti, a great opportunity to get some interesting photographs.
As we entered the courtyard we were greeted by the subtle smell of a hog roast simmering away, this smell would tease me for the next few hours as we focused on capturing some good reportage photography of the guests and their interaction with the new couple.
Later there was a less formal blessing in the gardens before the guest sat down to eat and get ready for the days speeches.
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