One light shoot

 One light shoot

After looking through the images from Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill’s latest trip to Feurteventura I was feeling a little inspired. I had recently been asked by a friend of a friend about doing her some some portfolio images and thought this might make a good candidate for a little one light workshop and get a little practice before the wedding season gets into full swing.

I grabbed a 580ex2 & a Vivitar 285, two light stands, a few cheep ebay triggers, a few spare AA’s, slipped a 24-70 f2.8 onto my camera and grabbed Jess to get some shots.
I had a few locations in mind and we set off to make some pretty pictures, in about two hours we had taken in four local locations and had a good few images ‘in the bag’. We had to be quick it was pretty cold and two of the locations were by the sea so I was very mindful that Jess would get very cold very quickly.
Most of the shots were taken with the 580ex and when I did use the Vivitar it was generally as a hair light only. I used both flashes without any modifiers and only adjusted the zoom and power depending on the aperture and distance of each set up.
I’d like to do this shoot again with a second set of hands and I’d probably have them hold a diffuser between the subject and the flash to give a little softer light although I was surprised at just how good the bare flash of the 580ex was.
I hope you like the results.


You can see more of my wedding work on our web site at: or find examples of some of my other work including other flash work on Facebook just search Photography by Bryan Farrell.
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