My favorite piece of photographic equipment


I thought I’d add my voice to the many who have raved over this, it would be nice to be different and talk about some obscure, only known by a hallowed few who whisper in dark allays but no; my favorite piece of equipment is one that many others have raved about many many times before I even held a DSLR. I shoot Canon and I love love love the 50mm f1.4, in terms of value for money the only other piece of glass that comes close if the 50mm f1.8, I had the 1.8 and had a tripod go over with my camera and this lens on it. The lens too the full impact and ‘I like to think’ saved my camera.

I was of course gutted at the loss but as it only cost around £90 I wasn’t going to be upset for that long. I knew how much I loved my 50mm and decided to replace it more or less straight away I looked at the f1.2 and just couldn’t justify it but the f1.4 at around £300 represented fantastic value for money.
I shoot mainly weddings and portraits and this is my goto piece of glass when ever the light is low at a service or I want a portrait with a beautiful shallow DOF or sometimes just for fun. I would like a slightly closer min focusing distance but in every other way I am totally happy with this piece of kit.
It focuses quickly, responds very well in ridiculously low light and just gives beautiful images, it even makes me look good sometimes : )

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