Somerset Cheese and Cider Music Festival

Music Festival.

Since it started we have been invited to go along and photograph the Somerset Cheese, Cider & Moozic Fest. The event has changed and grown so much over the last few years from its humble begins. This music festival started with a few locals gathered around a small piece of cheese singing over a bottle of cider to the extravaganza of 2014!

Each year the organisers have learned from the previous year. Every year they put on a bigger, better and louder weekend music festival.

Music Festival Pictures.

Somerset Music festival 2014.

The local festival brings together many local suppliers and producers of somerset favourites, some household names and some not even known by locals. It is always an incredible event and this year was the hottest it’s been so far. I turned up in trousers and a shirt, I should have know better. It’s a relaxed casual atmosphere anyway but in that heat, even shorts and t-shirt would have been too much.

The day started slow and relaxed as people arrived and started setting up tents. As I wandered around the various stalls listening to the music and taking pictures the atmosphere was relaxed. There were lots of games and events to keep people busy and enjoy the beautiful Somerset summer.

As the day went on the cider started flowing the music volume went up a few notches. Before the sun had set the place was bouncing and we had a proper Somerset music festival going.

With the main stage lit and the music pumping the crowd fuelled on sun, cider and cheese the atmosphere was amazing. We kept shooting until about halfway through the last act before putting down the cameras and enjoying a well-earned glass of cider as we listened to the second half of the last set and kicked back.

We camped there this year so I was able to enjoy this one more because I didn’t have to worry about driving to a hotel after a long day.

Festival Day Two.

Hangovers and lack of sleep soon disappeared with the festival goers the next morning after a big cooked breakfast courtesy of cricketers farm.

There were more local stores set up the following day in the marquees and plenty of cider to wash down the effects of the night before.

Here is what the Bridgewater Mercury had to say anout this fantastic event.

This festival It is firmly marked in our calendar for as long as it runs.

Put a note in your diaries for Somerset Cheese, Cider & Music Festival 2015

is on the 19 – 21st June!!!!

Bring on 2015, I can’t wait!

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