Me and my Family


I wasn’t going to add this photo shoot because it wasn’t a job it’s me and my family, but after a little thought I decided to.
Also it’s a nice way to start this years blog.

This year I had the unexpected surprise of having my son home for Christmas, he  is studying in San Diego at the moment and wasn’t due home until the summer. We all miss him hugely but it is a great opportunity for him to study over there and experience things the UK doesn’t have to offer. That said he misses a lot of what the UK has not least of all good english bacon which is his normal request when he comes through the barrier at customs.
So thanks to a generous christmas present from his grandparents my baby boy came home for Christmas and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a few pictures of us all together with my parents, my sister and her kids or as my mother calls us the bakers dozen.
For me Christmas is about family and being together and I am so grateful that we managed it and now he has gone back we have started to miss him again and look forward to seeing him agin in the summer. 
Happy new year to one and all and i hope 2012 brings you all that you need x




















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