Wedding day at Priston Mill – K&A.

Wedding at Priston Mill

I started the wedding day at Priston Mill with the groom, Andy. His groomsmen looked after the guests as they waited for the bride. I loved the little details the couple had put together. The decorations, the beautiful cupcakes.  The pebbles used for name tags. The selection of sweets on cocktail sticks that had been made into table decorations.

Kate arrived in a VW camper van looking beautiful. She had a huge infectious smile. It was a lovely simple civil ceremony that was relaxed and had a few laughs.

Priston Mill Wedding Slideshow.

Later we got to mingle and do a little candid photography, I always enjoy this part. I love the images I get and it is a good chance to have a little bit of fun with some of the guests too. There were some fun guests there from the family to her mates from Essex (apparently they were ‘so ream’).

I got the formal shots out of the way and went for a walk with the couple to get a few more interesting shots. I know from being at the venue before that there is a playground/mini obstacle course at the back. In passing, I asked Kate if she would consider going on the zip line for a photo. She nearly climbed over me to get to it, she was so up for it. I got a few shots of her zipping by with her dress trailing behind and a few with her and Andy before moving on to some other obstacles.

Priston Mill Wedding Gallery.

Wedding at Priston Mill.

Priston Mill offers lots of opportunities to get some lovely pictures. That combined with the beautiful weather meant I was really happy with the pictures we captured.
I took the couple away for another set of pictures as it went dark before setting up for the first dance and the evenings fun.

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