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How to Attach Wedding Buttonhole & More.

Pretty much every morning I spend with a groom and groomsmen as they get ready for their wedding day one or more of the same four questions normally comes up.

Attaching a buttonhole is the most common so I’ve started there. I will add more detail and maybe a few other things but this is a start.

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How to attach a Gents Wedding Buttonhole.

I am surprised at how often a group of groomsmen stand around looking at each other trying to figure out how to attach their wedding buttonholes.

It’s not one of those everyday things so it isn’t such a big surprise that it can cause so much confusion.

It goes on your left.

How to attach a Gents Wedding Button Hole.

There is generally a ‘buttonhole’ on the left lapel a bit of a giveaway.

But it is typically sewn up and is not now you attach your buttonhole.


Different buttonhole designs will be different but as a general rule, place the head of the central flower below the necktie head angled slightly towards your face.

As always standing in front of a mirror helps you to find a natural-looking position.

Attaching the Wedding Buttonhole.

How to Attach Wedding Button Hole

With the flower in position, insert the pin from the underside of the lapel slightly towards the inside of your lapel.

Run the pin through the stalk of the flower then back through the lapel. The point of the pin should be pointing towards the lapel fold and out of harm’s way.

If in doubt ask.

The vendors and suppliers you have working with you at your wedding generally know their stuff and are always happy to help out.

One of the most knowledgeable people will be your wedding coordinator. He or she will be a dab hand with a pin and a buttonhole.

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Wedding Buttonhole Video.

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to Attach Wedding Button Hole

  1. It goes on the left.

    Let’s start on the correct side.

  2. Place the buttonhole in the position you want it

    Slightly high but not hitting his face.

  3. Pinch the stem with the lapel.

  4. Insert the pin from the back

    From the back of the lapel insert the pin through the stem and back behind the lapel in a diagonal direction.

Sometimes the details are key, wedding buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen can bring together your colour scheme…

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  • Continue to bring A up behind B, forming a simple and loose knot.
  • Fold B to make a bow tie shape by pulling it to the left and then folding it back over itself to the right. The fold should be directly between the collar points.
  • Drape A over the front of B.
  • Fold A and pass it through the loop behind B.
  • Continue pulling A through the loop, without pulling it completely through. This will form the back half of the bow.
  • Tighten the knot and adjust until even by pulling on opposite sides simultaneously. Pull the front left and back right section to tighten, and the front right and back left end apart to loosen.

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Tying Your Tie.

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