Gloucester Garden Wedding

Gloucester Garden Wedding – S&J

The Wedding Day.

I started the morning with John and his groomsmen in the pub. The boys relaxed over a pint or two before heading off to the wedding venue. The groomsmen directed to guests and made sure everybody was taken care of.

The Bride, Sara, was already there and hidden away from her groom and the guests as she prepared for her big day.

It was obvious a lot of hard work and care had gone into setting up the garden and grounds for this wedding day. From nice little seating areas to refreshments had been taken care of. The giraffes made an interesting and fun focal point in the garden. The wedding ceremony area had been set up perfectly looking over the Malvern Hills.

The wedding guests gathered and enjoyed a beautiful English summers day. There was a nice relaxed feel to the day and it made it easy for me to wander around and capture some nice candid photographs.

The Wedding Ceremony.

When it was time for the guests all took their seats and the Groom stood with is best man to wait for his bride to be to arrive.

Sara’s final bridal preparation was done in one of the yurts. She was led out by her bridesmaids and accompanied by her father. From my vantage point, I was able to photograph the groom as he saw id bride for the first time on the day and her beautiful wedding dress.

Like the whole day, the wedding service was relaxed and almost informal. A nice addition to the wedding service was some guests brought along sand from beaches around the world to put into a glass globe. A few guests gave some lovely readings too.

After the wedding ceremony, everybody enjoyed the grounds and mingled. I took the opportunity to get some photographs of the wedding breakfast venue yurt. Then I mingled myself to get some more candid photography.

The Evening.

After the wedding breakfast came the speeches. They were filled with many laughs and a few tears. Johns sister had some lovely and complimentary things to say about her brother and he in return had many lovely things to say about his family and new family. The best man wrapped things up as usual and although he made the groom cringe a little it was all in good taste.

It is always fun to take the newlyweds for a walk and get some special images. The grounds and the weather were ideal after the wedding speeches.

The day wrapped up for me as it normally does with the couples first dance as man and wife. After a few pictures of the wedding guests enjoying the evening, it was time for me to say goodnight and leave.

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