Friday 13th Wedding

Would you have a Friday 13th Wedding?

With Friday the 13th approaching I was thinking, would people avoid this day for their wedding while others deliberately go for it? Would you have a Friday 13th wedding?

I’ve heard of venues and other suppliers offering very attractive discounts to make bookings for this day and wanted to know:


The history of Friday 13th is a surprisingly mixed one and there is as much to support it as being a day of good luck and prosperity. I have given just a few examples here.

Unlucky day?

Fear of the number 13, also known as ‘triskaidekaphobia’ is quite common and there have been some  notable stories of prominent figures suffering from it.

it was reported that Winston Churchill refused to sit in row 13 on an airplane  and in a theatre, Some believe that after careful study of his ships logs Christopher Columbus actually landed on the Western Hemisphere on October 13, 1492 but changed the details of the log to show the 12th.
It was on a Friday that christ was crucified, Eve gave Adam the forbidden fruit. Friday was the day of public hangings, the hangman’s noose often had 13 coils.

Lucky day?

Friday 13th can just as easily be connected with lots of good traditions in history and even today with most people working Monday to Friday, Friday is held up every week as landmark day to celebrate.
The moon goes through 13 cycles every year and on average women have 13 menstrual cycles each year (I wasn’t sure if this should be in the good or bad pile).
There are the 13 goddesses, the ancient Egyptians believed there are 13 stages in life. At 13 a boy is initiated into the adult Jewish community.

So would you have a Friday 13th Wedding?

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