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Book de Fotos de Actores.

Book de Fotos de Actores Barcelona.

Actors head shots have always been a part of the job I enjoy and these days they are not limited to just actors and actresses.

We all have an online presence and it has become increasingly important that we post images inline with our social persona.

That is why my headshot business is now “Headshots, Portfolio and Profile”.

Wherever it is important to have images that show a lifestyle, location or just for some fun I can help.

Book de Fotos de Actores Barcelona Gallerys.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Alexandra.

This photoshoot was held at the lovely Barceloneta beach in Barcelona with the beautiful Alexandrea. She was looking for some images for her social media platforms. She has an ever growing following and needed some special images to share and show there.

As always it was lots of fun. I had some ideas of the types of shots I would take and the locations I wanted to use and after talking with Alexandrea we had a plan.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Lorena.

Laurena’s Headshots started at the beach at Badalona, Barcelona. Later we headed into the city and Plaza Cataluynia. During this photoshoot we needed just a couple of head shots with a specific look and we got them easily. Laurena was so easy and natural to work with.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Andrea.

Andrea was such a pleasure to work with and so natural in-front of the camera. Most of her photoshoot is going to be used for a personal project she is working on but I had to share just a few of her headshots.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Jackeline.

Jackeline is a personal project and these images are as much for me as they are for here. She also helps me out on my headshot sessions here in Barcelona.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Romy.

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Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Tatiana.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Andrea.

Fotos de Actores Barcelona - Diosa.

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Fotos de Actores Barcelona.

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    As a photographer, I understand the value of your image

    Presenting yourself well and making a great first impression is key today and with social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook being popular ways people network and connect, having a great photo of yourself is critical.

    I want to create an image for you that represents you and your company or brand well.

    For groups and multiple portraits please refer to the Headshot Station page!

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