Finding wedding photographers near me

Finding a wedding photographer near me.

Sometimes it is important to find local suppliers and that includes looking for wedding photographers near you.

Local Wedding Photographers.

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Although I cover all of the UK and Europe I know it can be important to find local suppliers to some couples.

I will start to add some of the people I would recommend and have worked within different areas here.

This list will be updated from time to time as I get to know more wedding supplier and I hope will help you to find a wedding photographer near you. that suits your style.

outside wedding - Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision and a significant investment.

Knowing they are nearby can give you some sense of security.

I have also found that knowing they have photographed weddings at your chosen wedding venue helps couples feel more confident.


wedding photographers near me - Local wedding photographers

Trust is often a big consideration and another reason for looking for a local wedding vendor.

Most of my bookings now come from recommendations from previous clients or guests at weddings I have photographed.

Everybody knows somebody who has been married reasonably recently and people will always be honest about their experiences with wedding vendors.

There are so many websites that offer to help you find your perfect wedding suppliers.

Many have lots of useful information but the biggest problem with them is in almost all cases a vendor pays for a listing or at the very least pays for their position.

As with google searches, we tend to look only at the top few. This means we are choosing from the suppliers that have paid the most to be in those top positions.

What is important to you?

This is probably the best way to wade through what sometimes feels like overwhelming choices.

What is it you want from your wedding photographer and vendors on general?

Is price your biggest decision maker?

Somebody once told me ‘Quality is rarely cheap and cheap is rarely quality”

This is not to say you should pay over the odds but at the same time, you should consider how important a role the vendor will have on the day and of course the memory of your wedding day.

When planning your wedding try to set budgets for each element and try to stick to them. It is so easy for your wedding day to get out of control.

Is reputation or recommendation your most important consideration?

Reviews on a website or a google listing are one thing. Talking to a friend or somebody you trust is much more reassuring.

We do this all the time, we ask those we know what they think about a restaurant we are considering going to. A car we are considering buying. A film we might want to see. So it makes sense to do the same with our wedding plans.

Is style what draws you in?

With many wedding-related decisions, this is a crucial factor. It could be the featured wedding photography image the photographer shows on his home page.

A beautifully lit image at sunset of a bride and groom set against a historic castle. Your dream wedding car to collect you from the church to go to the service as your wedding guests wave you off.

A wedding cake that captures your unique personality and makes you say wow!

Is the wedding suppliers location your main concern? –

As I touched on before this can be important to some couples. Knowing your wedding photographer or vendor is local can be reassuring.

If they have worked at your chosen venue might give you more confidence that all will go smoothly. Or that they know all the spots to get the best photographs.

Wedding photographers near me

There is some truth in this but…….. Every wedding vendor should be working together with whoever they are with to give the best service to that couple on that day.

My experience has been that this is almost always the case. I have obviously photographed in venues that I have never seen before and I always find the staff more than happy to suggest the prettiest locations.

This mainly because they want to do the best for the couple but also because they might get to use some pretty pictures to help market themselves.

I work all over the UK and have travelled as far as California to photograph weddings and always find the people at a venue very helpful and friendly.

Decide what is important and look for it.

Easy to say and sometimes easy to forget. Figure out what things are important to you and look for vendors that fit that. Don’t be distracted by things you don’t need or want.

Be straight with your wedding photographer and vendors and tell them what you want. It is your day and it will help them.

If they are any good they will want to give you the best experience and have you go away happy and eager to recommend them to others.

An additional bonus section.

This information comes from the Wedding Ideas web page.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer.

When choosing your wedding photographer, you want to ensure they create the wedding album you’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve spoken to the professionals to get some key insight on how to find the right wedding photographer. 

Your wedding photographer should capture every detail of your big day. From your place card holders to your hair accessories and your makeup applications, it’s your photographer’s responsibility to capture it all.

This way, you don’t have to rely completely on memory.

We firmly believe in investing in the right wedding photographer as your photos are one of the most important aspects of your big day.

1. It pays to have the best 

While you can get a good deal with a photographer who’s new to the industry, you do need to find someone you trust to get it right. Perfection comes with experience. 

“It sounds obvious but nail down your photography budget before reaching out to wedding photographers.”

2. Browse your photographer’s portfolio

Look through the portfolio of any photographer you’re considering. You won’t just be looking for examples of the weddings they’ve captured. You’ll also be looking at their different styles and approaches. When you find the photos that resonate with you, you’ve found your style and photographer.

“Before you meet your favourite photographer, ask them to bring along a few sample albums of their work,” 

3. Decide on the right style 

A professional photographer distinguishes all the subtleties of shooting a wedding.

They’ll know exactly when to photograph your groom as he first sees you walking down the aisle, how to achieve the perfect confetti shot, and what to do in the event of rain.

A creative and flexible approach often results in the most breathtaking and brilliant wedding photographs.

“Decide what style you’re after, Says Jay Rowden, “[Be it] documentary, fine art, natural, contemporary, traditional”.

4. Create a detailed action plan

Everything from your chosen venue to the time of year will affect your wedding photographs.

If you’ve got your heart set on certain shots, like couple’s portraits at sunset or a sparkler send-off photo, then you need to talk it through with your photographer. 

More often than not, your photographer will offer a pre-wedding shoot to help you both gauge what kind of shots you want. It makes taking the photos on your big day that bit quicker and more efficient.

5. Make sure you’ve both done your homework

“Make sure you do your homework on photographers. Draw up a list of your three favourite photographers.”

“Then properly review their websites and blogs, check out the socials for their latest work and make sure you look at feedback”. 

This way, you have a firm idea of what kind of photography style you’ll receive and you can help pull together some ideas of what shots you want.

You can scope out the quality and the range of skills your photographer has.

The last thing you want is to fork out all that money on your wedding day and not have some fantastic photos to look back on.

If you have any specific questions in your area or would like to recommend a wedding photographer or vendor that you feel has given outstanding value and service to you please feel free to get in touch and I will look into adding them to the “wedding photographers near me’ list.

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