Elements 2014 Cardiff Asian Society event photographers southport

This years Elements event was held at the Royal Welsh Collage of Music and Drama in Cardiff and again it exceeded all expectations, This was the fourth time i have attended and photographed this amazing event and seen it grow from the first event in the Solus club the Cardiff Asian Society have always put on a fantastic show but they have grown and the whole event and performances get better year on year.

I love the fast pace of event photography and the lighting at this venue made for some stunning photography and vibrant colours.
Most of our work in in wedding photography but events like this one are fantastic and offer the chance to try something a little different as well as being good practice at fast paced low light photography.
I am already booked in to photograph Elements 2015 on March the 14th and i can’t wait, you’ll be seeing some more spectacular pictures from this amazing event soon, this will be the 5th year in a row i have photographed Elements and every year it just gets bigger, better and even more amazing!!
You can find out more at: our web site or find me and more pictures from this and more events on Facebook just search ‘Photography by Bryan Farrell’.
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  1. Asian Soc is all about embracing and showcasing the Asian culture and traditions to Cardiff students whilst providing a welcoming and homely environment away from home. Through celebrations of major religious festivals, to casual dinners and socials, and our annual showcase event: Elements, we aim to provide a holistic experience for the student community.

    Last year saw a variety of events from chili eating contests during our ‘Initi-Asian’ event at the beginning of the year, to attacking each other with coloured powder during Holi celebrations in Bute Park. Looking forward, we aim to appeal to both Asian and non-Asian students in Cardiff and to put on more intimate socials such as our Summer Hawaiian BBQ which was a huge success, as well as Bollywood movie nights, sports orientated events and even collaborations with other universities such as Bristol… so watch this space!

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