Friday 13 wedding

Friday 13th Wedding

Would you have a Friday 13th Wedding?

With Friday the 13th approaching I was thinking, would people avoid this day for their wedding while others deliberately go for it? Would you have a Friday 13th wedding?

I’ve heard of venues and other suppliers offering very attractive discounts to make bookings for this day and wanted to know:

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Southport wedding photographer

Tips for looking comfortable in wedding photographs

Top 10 tips for comfortable wedding photographs

Your wedding photographer is a key decision and will make a huge difference in how your wedding photographs turn out and preserving the memories of the day.

Once you have booked your amazing photographer many people then start to worry about how to pose, not look awkward or how to show their best side, so I’ve put together a few tips to get more natural comfortable wedding photographs. Continue reading

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Wedding Venue Types

Choosing your perfect wedding venue.

Like so many wedding related questions there is so much choice out there that it can become a little overwhelming.
To help with at least one area I have been looking at wedding venues, I have been lucky enough to have photographed weddings in many places and will offer my thoughts on some places you might be thinking about. Continue reading