5 Lies your mother told you about wedding photography

Wedding photography isn’t what it used to be………

Lies about wedding photographyWedding photography has changed a lot over quite a short period. Yet in many ways, it has stayed the same.

The things our parents expected from a wedding photographer are a little different to what we expect now. The arrival of digital photography changed the game significantly. Some notable changes that came with Digital. Continue reading “5 Lies your mother told you about wedding photography”

Wedding Taboos You Should Break


Traditional Wedding Taboos.

Wedding TaboosThere are many wedding taboos and related traditions. Many are culturally based. Some have a basis in traditions and some may be just a simply superstition.

A long successful marriage is very important and I guess this is why even those who would normally have nothing to do with superstitious beliefs are a little more thoughtful when it comes to wedding taboos. Continue reading “Wedding Taboos You Should Break”

One light shoot

one light shoot

 One light shoot

After looking through the images from Damien Lovegrove and Martin Hill’s latest trip to Feurteventura I was feeling a little inspired. I had recently been asked by a friend of a friend about doing her some some portfolio images and thought this might make a good candidate for a little one light workshop and get a little practice before the wedding season gets into full swing.

Continue reading “One light shoot”