California Wedding

California Wedding – S&M

California Wedding.

California Wedding -I featured Sommer and Mikes engagement shoot here a few months but at last, it was their California Wedding day!

The couple had rented out a beautiful beach house on Beacons Beach Encinitas for their wedding day, the views were stunning and of course so was the weather.

California Wedding Morning

I started with Sommer at Noni’s where the bride was getting her hair and makeup done. We had the place to ourselves and that made for a really chilled season.

Later it was back to the beach house for the final wedding organisation and some time to chill before the main event. It was a small wedding, around 36 guests so a very friendly and relaxed day with some really good interactions for me to photograph all day.

Beach Wedding Service.

The wedding service was short and sweet and other than the wedding rings being dropped twice everything ran smoothly 😉 The day was less about the wedding ceremony and much more about the couple celebrating their commitment to each other with friends and family.

I took some time to get some staged photographs but the rest of the day was just relaxed, exactly as the couple wanted.

The wedding dress.

Sommers wedding dress was ‘as expected’ very unconventional but it worked,. This wedding was a true reflection of the couple, their views of life, marriage and a relaxed view of the world.

I wish you both a long and happy life together, may there always be a wave to catch and a sunset to watch.

Wedding Gallery.

San Diego Weddings.

I love photographing wedding in San Diego. I just love being a wedding photographer but the California climate is almost always perfect. Getting the opportunity to photograph a California wedding on the beach is always an amazing honour.

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