Ecuador Trip.

Photography by Bryan

A Trip to Ecuador.

2 months exploring Aucador.

Ecuador Trip Gallery.

A selection of pictures from my trip to Ecuador.

This was never going to be a small album and choosing what pictures to keep and disregard was tough. Ecuador is an amazing country, filled with so many contrasts.

I had such a wonderful time there and owe a great thank you to Susmara and her family. They all welcomed me and made me feel at home.

The time I spend travelling the area and seeing the beautiful landscape was inspiring. The times I simply walked through towns and villages between Tumbaco and Quito was eye-opening. The people are industrious and creative and find ways to make a living that most cultures would not even consider.

I know in many parts of the world it is the same and street vendors or people walking from car to car in traffic selling drinks, fruits and local produce is nothing new but here in Ecuador it just had such a beautiful feel about it. It was as far from tourist-driven as you could get.

It was very comforting to feel so welcomed and so much a part of everyday life there. I walked alone with my camera taking pictures of the world around me and didn’t once feel in any danger or threatened.

I was obviously different from everybody else there and this was very apparent some days on the local buses. I would often see small children getting the attention of their mother and pointing at me as if they had never seen anything like me before. It was an odd but fun sensation to be viewed with such amazement. A smile and a little hello was generally well-received and returned by these children. The average Ecuadorian male is around 5’5″ so this was the one time in my life that my average 5’11” stature felt quite big.

I will definitely return to Ecuador someday I hope to see much more of south and central America. I highly recommend taking some time for you to do the same.

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