Thank you brides of 2011

Before I get carried away with 2012 weddings I wanted to take the time to say a big thank you to all the brides who let me be a part of their special day and capture some of my favorite photographs in 2011. It was a fantastic year and each and every bride was a pleasure to work with, they all made me feel I have done the right thing by giving up my past working life to peruse my passion for creating beautiful images.

2011 was my best year to date both in terms of my business growth and the excitement I felt before every days work, be that a wedding day, a portrait session or the ever growing baby portrait part of my business.
I am so excited about what 2012 will bring and I am looking forward to being there for the couples I have already met and those I am still to meet.
Thank you all for making my life so much more fun.
You can see more of my wedding work on our web site at: or find examples of some of my other work including other wedding work on Facebook just search Photography by Bryan Farrell.
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