Photographing Men

Photographing men.

I recently realised that almost all of my photography was centred around photographing women. The only time outside of event photography that I photographed men was when they were stood next to a woman.

This might not sound like anything significant but the way you photograph and light somebody has an impact on the feel and the mood of the photograph. With women, you generally want to light evenly and shoot in a way that flatters them and makes them look smooth and feminine.
You can get away with this kind of set up for men but I wanted to try a look that was a little more manly, rugged and moody. Lloyd kindly offered to stand in as my model during my last trip to Ormskirk. He has had no training or experience modelling but did an excellent job.

The pictures.

Photographing men
Photographing men
I was delighted with the results and I hope you liked them too.
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