Baby Rupert,

Weddings are a little slow this time of year and on Sunday we were invited to photograph the adorable baby Rupert at his home with his mother, father and of course his dog. We like to do photo-shoots in the clients home especially when they are with small children or babies as it keeps then in familiar surroundings and allows us to take our time getting the best images.

Rupert in the cousin of Miles a baby that we photographed about a month ago. This sitting was a present from Miles’s mum Emma to her Sister Rebecca. Rupert was 3 weeks old on Sunday but was so aware of his surroundings and surprisingly strong, when we lay him on his stomach he was able to lift his head and support himself enough to get some stunning images.
Emma & Miles made a brief appearance during the shoot and we managed a few pictures of him too, he is now 7 weeks old and has grown so much in the last month.
Kerri was as she always is with babies ‘in her element’ and was able to give both boys a cuddle during the session. When we made it back home she insisted we start editing the images as she couldn’t wait to see them.
I have added a few here and we hope you like them. You will find more from this shoot on our facebook page, just search for ‘Photography by Bryan Farrell’ here you will find many more examples of my work too.
If you or anybody you know would like to book your own session or would just like to know more get in touch through 07955 888 761

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