Baby Miles

We are a little bit late posting this and the shoot was done about a month ago, but here we go and sorry……

Miles is the cousin of Rupert, the baby we posted about a few days ago, we photographed Miles with his mummy & daddy at their home in Western-super-Mare. We find we always have a more relaxed session in the clients home and this was no exception. During the course of the shoot, Miles became a little distressed with what turned out to be a little trapped wind and we where able to take a break allowing Emma to figure out what was wrong in the comfort of their own home.
Miles was only 3 weeks old at the time of the portrait session but he was already looking around like an old man taking in his surroundings and he gave us some beautiful expressions.
I have added a few here and we hope you like them. You will find more from this shoot on our facebook page, just search for ‘Photography by Bryan Farrell’ here you will find many more examples of my work too.
If you or anybody you know would like to book your own session or would just like to know more get in touch through 07955 888 761.

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