Top 10 tips for comfortable wedding photographs.

To my mind your wedding photographer is a key decision and will make a huge difference in how your wedding is captured and preserved.
Once you have booked your amazing photographer many people then start to worry about how to pose, not look awkward or how to show their best side.
I have put together my top ten tips for looking good in you wedding pictures, I hope they help.

Talk to your photographer.
In the run up to your wedding day you will have plenty of opportunities to talk with your photographer, tell him/her the kind of pictures you like and what worries you about being in font of the camera.
Other than organising group shots I find I like to be very unobtrusive. One father of the bride who had been observing me all day described me as being like a "ninja sniper", slipping in and out of the shadows picking people off with my camera. That was a bit of an extreme example I find this way of working during the parts of the day that people are interacting makes for very natural and honest images.
If there are any specific pictures you want capturing discuss them, this includes going through your list of formal portraits, decoration details, special broaches or heirlooms. Weddings are a one off occasion and you don't get a second take so make sure your photographer is clear on what images you want, it is your day, he/she is there to do their best for you.

Turn slightly.
Don't present your body square on to the camera unless you want to look bigger and more imposing, this look can work well for men but is generally not a good look for a woman trying to look feminine and elegant.

Lean towards the camera.
This sounds counter intuitive if you are worried about having you picture taken but it works, if you've followed the first step and you are at a slight angle put your weight on the foot closest to the camera. What ever is furthest to the lens will look smaller, this way your body tapers and makes you look slimmer.

Hands on hips.
By creating a gap between your body and your arms you will look slimmer than you would with your arms to your side, with out the gap the arms add bulk to you and make you look wider than you are.

Create a v with couples.
This works well with the bride and groom as well as any couple or even groups and fits in well with the other points made earlier, you are still facing each other but at around a 45 degree so you can shift your weight forward as above and it has the added benefit if you place the woman fractionally behind the man so his body blocks part of her body and shaves an inch off her.

Not looking at the camera.
If you're not looking at the camera then it's not there…… No? ok, here's another good reason.
This can create a nice moody image and help accentuate the eyes and jawline, a common trick is to have the bride looking off at a spot on the floor about 10-15 feet away from the direction her body is pointing and have the groom looking at his bride. this normally has them both looking slightly down.

Be natural.
Talk to each other, tell a joke, remember this is your wedding day and your photographer is there to document the day, It's not a shoot for Vogue. Sometimes weddings do get featured in magazines and it is a huge buzz for both the couple and the photographer, but don't worry your photographer will only submit images that show his best work and you looking your very best.

Get rid of your bag and phone.
Carrying bulky or awkward objects can be distracting in your photographs, a glass of bubbly might work if you want a shot of you all toasting the couple but as a rule think minimal. The picture is about the people and not the items they are carrying.

Work with somebody you like.
I have heard stories of grumpy and even rude wedding photographers, why they choose to photograph people and weddings is beyond me but they do.
Your photographer will be with you most of the day especially if you have booked their coverage for the full day, pick somebody you will get along with and will add to your day.
This is especially important if you are having your bridal preparation photographed, for me it is the best part of the day but it is also quite a personal part too, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable with somebody in the room taking pictures as you are getting your hair and makeup done. For some this might mean choosing a female photographer and I always have a female assistant available for such occasions but I love spending time with the girls before the wedding day.

Have fun.
Don't take it too seriously, it's your wedding day have some fun. The images are for you to enjoy and remember your wedding day, a few dodgy expressions will make you smile in the years to come so enjoy.

A good and well experienced photographer will blend into the background when appropriate and step up to organise people when needed, they will understand the day is about you and capturing your day to the best of their ability.
Never be afraid of telling them exactly what you want from them, of course be polite but it is your day, the more information you give the better your wedding album will look and the more you will enjoy looking back through your photographs with fond and happy memories.