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We want to give you the chance to know a little more about us beyond the normal bio stuff, if you are interested of course.

This will be a little experimental and my aim is to start adding bits along the way. I think it is really important to have a connection with all my clients so i hope you enjoy my ramblings.

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Bryan Farrell

A potted history of me

Original from Liverpool (Anfield) but we moved to Burscough just before i hit my teenage years, a bit of a culture shock and it took me a while before i could understand the locals.
A little bit of photography before i go on because there's probably going to be lots of other stuff before i come back to that
At school and on holiday I loved taking pictures and would come back from every trip with a bag full of film (for those of you who are looking confused, cameras used to use film that had to be sent off to a lab and your pictures would come back a week or so later on bits of paper, you would generally get about 24 shots on a roll of film, I know nuts isn't it!!! no sd of cf cards and iso was set by the film you used, plus iso 400 was as high as i could get. that didn't make iso 6 million film, or rolls that took thousands of pictures and you couldn't even see your picture until it cam back from the lab!!!! how did we cope?).
this didn't stop me being snap happy though and if it moved, i snapped it, if it didn't move, i moved it and snapped it, if I couldn't move it i snapped it anyway.

School and work

School didn't really work well for me and I was easily distracted, I wan't bad in any way and I found later in life that it just didn't suit my learning process.
When i was in school i also worked in local bars, collecting glasses at nigh, stocking up and cleaning weekend mornings. It was while i was working at the Barrons in Burscough that I met Gil Tootle, a man that would help put my life in the right direction.
During the easter holidays of 87 Gil who was also the designer at what was Westbrook Packaging suggested I apply for the position of trainee designer at his place. I did and I was offered the job. At the time I was still in school, you could choose to stay on and attend lessons leading up to your exams at easter, that was my plan and hopefully follow on to collage to do a mechanical engineering course.
I rang the school on the Monday morning I was due back, told them I had taken the job and would be back for my exams only.
Unlike school I thrived in the working environment, the creative design side of the work suited my muddled mind.
The design department was moving over to a computerised system and I got stuck into it with a passion, quickly I was the one using it the most, not only drawing up designs but creating my own standard designs.
A few years later i was given the opportunity to take the position of design manager at Danisco Pack in Skelmersdale, they had no design function at the time so I would have the freedom to create the department and it's procedures to my vision.
I quickly became frustrated by sales reps bringing in briefs from our customers only to have multiple revisions made because the brief wasn't met, so i started insisting they took me directly to the customer at the beginning of the project, this meant we hit the brief quicker and in lots of cases better than they had hoped.
That led to working alongside customers on their production lines making sure the packaging we supplied helped increase their line efficiencies and bringing their needs back to our manufacturing site and of course doing the same on our machines.
I started using photography to help this, taking pictures of machinery, parts, products. With my first digital camera I was able to look at the pictures when i got back to the office, all in an incredible 0.3 million pixels. When video was added to cameras i started filming machines as they interacted with product and packaging material so I could step through frames and see exactly where problems were happening.
From here i took a position with Kappa Packaging (no there were no tracksuits involved here and they later became Smurfit Kappa, depending on how you measure businesses the largest packaging company in Europe). I was the new Technical Sale Executive, sounds very grand and it was lots of fun, it was basically what i spoke about above, being that link between the customer and our manufacturing but more formalised and now i would pass work off to the design team so i could focus more on improvement projects in-house and with key customers. The job allowed me to manage my personal/work time better and i was able to afford to buy better cameras and other fun stuff.
From there I moved to another site within the same company in Weston-super-Mare and lived on Portishead. The site in W-s-M wasn't doing so well and I was part of the team who would help to turn it around (fighting against just a little resistance, funny how some people want to keep heading towards the cliff edge just because they've always done it that way)
There my role was as Technical Manager, I looked after the technical, design, quality and graphics departments, because of the state the business was in my initial work there was to sort out these departments, look at internal procedures, costing policies, work & customer mix and of course our own manufacturing and output.
Just for fun I also worked with the sites big customers again on improvement projects and helping their production output. All very rewarding work but as you can imagine a little taxing on my home life.
It was while I was there and my involvement with GSK I started studying again and gained qualifications in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies, I received my Black Belt certification through Claudius Cole Consulting, A very intelligent and great man to be taught by with one of those very infection laughs.
An 2009 my time there was done, systems were in place for the various departments to run themselves and lead the plant into a bright new future, I took redundancy. The company were very generous and the 11 years i had been there had banked a decent "golden parachute" for me to leave with. It was then that i decided I would take my lifelong passion for photography and turn it into my future. I did a little consultancy work for a few companies over the next 18 months just to keep the bank balance looking good but i was now on my way to following my passion. just over a year after leaving Smurfit Kappa I was approached by them to take the UK Technical Managers position with a "name your price" conversation but one thing i learned during my time there was there are more important things in life than money.

Becoming a professional

I knew that having a fancy camera and a good eye would not be enough to justify slapping a professional badge to my chest and advertising myself to photograph somebody wedding (although if you look around there are lots that do).
I started working (free of charge at first) for 3 photography studios to learn the craft, the first Jefferson studios in bristol was a well established studio with a store and fully kitted studio, they helped me learn lighting, posing and taught me the flow of a wedding, the second Adam Drake Photography in Gloucester gave me a more creative view with an eye for stunning images, he helped me build quality into everything I now do, I still second shoot for Adam from time to time and always look forward to working along side him. The third Marcin of Dabek Photography helped me see the wider scope of the industry and explore other revenue streams from proms and events to portraits and babies, he is a very quirky man maybe that's just the cultural difference between english and polish.
All three of them added something to the photographer I am today and my time spend working with them was time very well spend.


As I said earlier I started life in Liverpool but moved to Lancashire and Burscough at a fairly young age so most of my childhood memories are of Burscough and the area. the friends I made in school and the people around me now.
I stayed in and around the area (even when i worked in Manchester) until about 2006 when I moved to Somerset and lived in Portishead, a lovely part of the world. I had a very nice house on the high street and when i took redundancy i had the opportunity to get involved in the local community. I volunteered at the Portishead Lido, one of the few open air pools left in the UK, I worked their in and out of season, out of season was mainly as one of the crew of handy men, doing maintenance work around the place. I got involved in focus groups working on fund raising, organising events and co-ordinating with local groups. In season I photographed events there for publicity too.
As well as the pool i was involved in annual projects like the christmas lights committee, Portishead in bloom, Portishead Carnival and anything else i could get involved in. I have Dave Skelhorne to thank for introducing me and helping me get involved.
I sold my house there at the end of 2013 and moved back to the North West, back home where most of my family is and my childhood sweetheart although we never managed to make it work despite giving it a good go these last few years.
My photography business was getting quite well established down there and being back in the NW is a little like starting from scratch, The booking i still pick up in the SW go along way to keeping my diary booked and i do enjoy getting back there, especially if i have the time to catch up with friends.

Family is important, we might fall out from time to time but we're always there for each other. I have only one (biological) son, I'll talk more about that another time. My son, Alex, is now 24!!! wow! how quickly that time has passed, I was only a baby of 19 myself when he came along. At 19 he went to California to attend University, He stayed with his granddad while at school there and last year he graduated, got married to a lovely girl from LA and they had their first child together. My baby boy has his own baby boy now.
My plan is to get over there a couple of times a year and since he went in 2009 i've managed to do that a few times. I had 3 months there last year only nipping back to the uk briefly for two weddings and an event. My parents moved to Ormskirk to be near to and help my sister with her own children, now 19, 16, 5 & 10. I spend a lot of my free time around this lot and the noise that comes with them.
Most of what's left of my extended relatives are still in Liverpool, with a couple of exceptions, I have a cousin in Australia and another in California (about and hours drive from my son)
I mentioned I have one biological son, I was in a 9 year relationship with a lovely woman who had 3 beautiful girls, when we got together her girls were 9, 5 & 4 so the 9 years we were together they were my girls too, I still see them when i can and stay in touch maybe not as much as i should but they stayed in Somerset when i came back.
Before that i was in a 7 year relationship that came with 2 boys, I say boys they're older than Alex and the youngest is about the age i was when i first met their mother.
I mentioned my childhood sweetheart in an earlier piece, she was my first love in high school and a couple of years ago we found each other again, for two years we tried to make a go of it, it was a rocky but interesting road and eventually we gave up and went our separate ways, she has 3 lovely children.
So i guess it depends on how you look at life, I have somewhere between 1 and 13 children or at least 13 that will I will always feel a special connection to.
I like to think this interesting past is a sign that i'm the eternal optimistic romantic but others have taken a different view.

More to come soon
The way this is going i might have to offer a discount for anybody bored enough to manage to read all my ramblings.
and i'll nudge the other two to get something done too, it's accounts time so Alex might take a little longer

Bryan Farrell PhotographerA little about us

We are a friendly family run photography company based Ormskirk & Southport, we work mainly but not exclusively in the North West.

There is something truly exciting in creating and capturing those magical images.

We believe our part is to photograph and document, creating natural images.

Our photojournalistic approach means we capture those special candid moments that we love and treasure.

We make sure we capture the traditional images too and love to get a little creative and make images that will wow you as well as having some fun along the way.

We enjoy traveling and are available to work throughout the UK & Europe. We offer destination packages within Europe and further if you need!

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