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A liitle about our photography background and us

I have always had a passion for photography and creating beautiful images, I hope that shows in my work. I have been a full time photographer since 2009. I have been lucky enough to, and still do on occasion, work with a number of local studios doing portrait and event photography but I specialise in and love wedding photography.

My partner caught the photography bug from me! And now working as a team we are able to compliment each other’s strengths to do the best for our clients. We aim to be the people you trust and call upon whenever there is an occasion or event that you want capturing, preserving and documenting.

Our main focus is in photographing people that is why most of our work is wedding, baby and portrait photography. We enjoy many other photographic disciplines. We are happy to take on commissions for most types of photography. Our recent work has included; architectural, landscape, performances, product, burlesque and charity fund raising events.

We are always on the look out for new and exciting challenges and we bring enthusiasm and a creative flair to all that we do.

An enjoyable part of what we do is meeting new and interesting people, so why not get in touch and introduce yourself. Join us on Facebook or Twitter; simply click one of the links to the top right of this page and just say hi, we would love to hear from you.

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